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Vijay Goel's Interactions

Vijay’s extensive services to charity and underprivileged communities, and to promoting trade and investments between the UK and India, demonstrates an exemplary commitment to the improvement of society. I have attended various events organized by IEBF, whose primary purpose of the IEBF Excellence Awards is to recognize, appreciate and encourage standout performance of organizations operating in European Union and India. The Performances are recognized not only from the field of business, but also in the area of sports, social and community services, public health, education and Skill Development. The annual Indo- European Business Forum (IEBF) Global Excellence awards that held at the House of Lords on Monday on 10th October 2023 in London, hosted by IEBF founder-chair Mr Vijay Goel.

Vijay’s notable approach for his innate ability to coordinate collaborative efforts among diverse constituencies is remarkable. He possesses a unique ability to bring together divergent voices, resulting in the effective execution of programmes that have positively impacted our society in concrete ways. Furthermore, Vijay embodies the greatest ideals of moral behaviour and character. His efforts are supported by an uncompromising dedication to the ideals of service to mankind by leveraging his personal brand for the benefit of poor communities around the world by collaborating closely with non-profit and charity organisations.

For almost 25 years, Vijay has served those in need and underprivileged communities by working closely with not-for-profit and charitable organizations, globally. He has been instrumental in helping to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds from donors, connecting them with key influencers across the world and, crucially, leveraging his personal brand to garner support for the social problems. While there are many individuals working to advance the cause of humanity to ensure that social impact is effectively created, it is important to highlight that Vijay has devoted his time selflessly, offering his services pro-bono and working passionately to champion the cause of the millions who need more support to be uplifted and be made a part of the mainstream.