Khushbu Khandavi

Khushbu Khandavi is a highly organized professional with a diverse background in office administration, event coordination, and database management. With a proven track record, she efficiently maintains databases and filing systems, optimizes team efficiency, and schedules Board of Directors meetings. Khushbu excels in positive communication through prompt responses to emails and correspondence. Her expertise extends to coordinating events, negotiating vendor deals, managing petty cash, and conducting research for director presentations. Khushbu contributes to the development of office policies and procedures, showcasing her ability to evaluate and improve workflow. With excellent communication skills, she handles phone calls, takes messages, and facilitates smooth communication between Director and staff.

Khushbu, in her role as a dedicated professional, adeptly manages a spectrum of responsibilities to ensure the seamless functioning of the office. Her tasks range from meticulously preparing invoices and handling billing in alignment with provided instructions to conducting document reviews and digitally signing documents on the Senior Partner's behalf. Khushbu extends her support to fellow staff members, efficiently manages the filing system, and directs correspondence to the appropriate contacts. Her role involves greeting & assisting office administrative compliance and engaging in proactive communication with potential clients. Additionally, Khushbu is instrumental in conducting basic research, coordinating internships, and overseeing the confidentiality of delegated tasks. She plays a pivotal role in Mr. Vijay Goel's affairs, from preparing applications and updating accounts to managing petty cash and facilitating appointments. Khushbu ensures the smooth operation of office supplies, addresses IT concerns, and handles payments with meticulous attention to detail. Her organisational skills shine through in scheduling meetings, managing Mr. Goel's calendar, and issuing invites in line with established formats. Khushbu is an invaluable asset, seamlessly undertaking all secretarial duties essential for efficient functioning of the office.

Proficient in office management, Khushbu also excels in financial document preparation, updating executives on changing business needs, and overseeing administrative tasks such as filing and mail distribution. Her diverse roles, including digital marketing intern and customer service assistant, highlight her adaptability and strong background in customer service. Khushbu holds an MBA in Global Business Management, an MA in English Literature, and a degree in Computer Engineering. Skilled in Microsoft Office and ASP.NET, her quick learning ability, strong organizational skills, and dedication make her a valuable asset in any professional setting.